Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Dark Corner

Hello Readers. 

Tired of just reading about the stuff i is my Dark Corner: 

I will be finding everything i can possibly find on the internet that...Sparks my Libido...Enjoy.

Possible Inspirational Pictures For Quickiez!

Possible Ideas 20/11/13

Possible Ideas 20/11/13


Maybe a few of the girls ambush Gumball after Soccer practice in the locker room. they tie him to a chair and...have fun.

The Girls: Penny, Terri, Jaime, Carrie

Possible Fetishes to see: Anal, Oral, GirlXGirl.

That's it for now...Laters

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Story News: 19.11.13

Story News: 19.11.13

My updating pattern is dependent heavily on my muse and level of Labido.  


 I am debating most likely ending the series soon with a final epic, faptastic chapter. the question is....what should i write about? I invite the readers to give what they want to see. 

The Time Machine Part 2

 I do plan on updating that muse eventually....

The Tales of Gumball

Update coming eventually....

That's it for now readers. until next time. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome Readers!

Hello Readers and Fans of xXDasXGoochXx! xXDXGXx here! i will be posting whatever fancies me as well as updates on current stories on! So....Enjoy!"><a href=""></a>